A secret hero whose true identity no one knows
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watching no game no life, star trek: tng, supernatural season 9
listening arctic monkeys (thanks to Natalia), Kyary pamyu pamyu, lots and lots of Anime osts
reading magyk: septimus heap [ I swear I almost finish it ], lots and lots of yaoi, & lots and lots of bubbline fanfics

Dolce ✿ sweet 17✿ USA ✿ ESFP

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Adventure time, Bob's Burgers, Hetalia, Kill La Kill, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sherlock, Star Trek, Supernatural

not a spoiler free blog


1.- With you
2.- Our love never dies
3.- Summer Time
4.- Omoi No Ana
5.- Film

❝ I’ve always admired the strong kindness hidden behind your mask. I look up to the sky above the bustling town.❞
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